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JuNene K.

JuNene K. occupies the role of philanthropist, trendsetter, coach as well as educator. She believes assertion and confidence are key to inclusion and makes it her daily priority to change the norms and limits people unconsciously place on themselves due to lack of knowledge and understanding. She is a Social Emotional Specialist, Certified Life Coach, Published Author and Motivational Speaker with a passion to teach Emotional Control and Resilience as the basis of all problem solving.

Her no nonsense, straightforward approach allows her to get real time results that last a lifetime.

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What People Say

“I stumbled onto this podcast almost by accident and I am really glad I did.”

Dedicated Listener

“JuNene creates a feel like you’re talking to a real friend and learning how she is handling the world.”

Dedicated Listener

“I think the podcast landscape could use a few more shows like this one.”

Dedicated Listener

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