S5 Episode 5 – I Delivered But I Lost It

Special Guest Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis

Dr. Bisa talks about her struggle with anxiety and the freedom she experienced when Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child committed to walking in her truth regarding mental health and sought help for her dis-ease.

I decided to pull this title out of the dialogue between Dr. Bisa and I when she was discussing her anxiety and how she was able to deliver the product or perform under pressure, she was able to do it but she lost it in the process. Her body was experiencing an overload of more than just butterflies. She was in a state of utter panic, her voice elevated and she felt discomfort in her entire body. After describing everything she experienced as a result of her anxiety, she simply stated “I Delivered But I Lost It” Listen to the entire podcast here.

How many times have you been able to make it through something but you know that you definitely lost it in the process? Or you tried to pretend that everything was alright when inside there was a volcano about to erupt in any second. Whether you experience anxiety, depression, low self esteem, self hatred, obsessive compulsive disorder, loneliness, anger, extreme fatigue, fear, prolonged grief, indecisiveness…IT DOESN’T MATTER. They are all dis-eases because they disrupt your healthy mind, body and spirit. Understand that the ultimate battles begins in your mind.

You may think you know what your mind is doing and how it’s influencing the rest of you to either connect or disconnect from life’s events; but the reality is it’s playing tricks on you daily. It’s influenced by your fears, your doubts, your inhibitions, words not spoken, opportunities missed, heart breaks, discontent, self loathing, realistic non reality, discomfort, irritation, uncertainty and the need to be needed by someone or something relevant enough to change your mind. Did you get all that? The moment you allow your mind to occupy a space in time that doesn’t serve you, consider yourself bit by the bug of trickery. Allow the truth to show up where a lie as lived. You will feel so much more free.

Follow Dr. Bisa on IG @drbisa For a copy of her new book The Paid Educator, CLICK HERE.

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