The Show, Defined

This show was born out of years of being a black woman with superpowers. Unlike Wonder Woman, who was granted her powers by Greek Gods. Honey, mine came from the school of hard ass knocks. The gods of pain and adversity, trial and error, sabotage and suffering granted me with these powers. As far back as I can remember I have always been able to take a lickin and keep on tickin. Resilience is in my DNA.

Having superpowers is not always a good thing though. It caused a series of health issues for me. I tried feverishly to hold my house together (raising 2 kids), complete graduate school, care for my brother who was in a vegetative state, manage my mother’s health, run 5 businesses (1 of which is a practicing life coach) and not pass the hell out in the process. It was/is rough!

Everybody would always comment about how strong I was, how I could handle so much as if it was a badge of honor. I remember teaching a workshop one time in the midst of my life’s turmoil. I equated the “S” on the chest not to that of Superwoman but to STRESS and let me tell you something right up in through here if you don’t know….STRESS KILLS. I feel what Alicia Keys was trying to do with Superwoman “trying to convince herself that she was strong” but Honeeeeey, that is EXHAUSTING.

As a solvent to my inadvertent ability to be all and know all and do all, I started a podcast that was a cry out to The Universe that Even Superwoman Needs Therapy. Me, I need it too. I mean after all, who encourages the encourager? Who motivates the motivator? It is my way of telling my stories so that other superwomen out there won’t have to suffer the pain I endured. It is also and outlet so that women can find healing in hearing stories of triumph not just after I’ve gone through it but be able to be with me while I’m going through it and figuring it out. It’s a now learning that I live and operate in.

I like to think that I’m changing lives, one listener at a time. I don’t hold back what needs to be said in the way I feel it needs to be said…after all it’s MY VOICE.

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE SHOW: I always have a drink. It doesn’t matter if its wine or whiskey but it is present. Only guests that have been through some thangs can speak into this here platformanal microphone (I made that up…I do that ALOT).

Published by JuNene K.

I am a superwoman.

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