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  1. Why women cheat
  2. When you love him but sex is trash – Is lazy sex fixable?
  3. Role of step parents and coping with blended families
  4. The bitter Baby Mama
  5. Why some women are ok being the side piece
  6. Why are we expected to date down/settle for less?
  7. Too black for corporate America? – Dealing with being a black woman in a room full of white men
  8. Why are there so many negative labels surrounding successful black people (sellout, bougie, think they are better than everyone)
  9. Do people still marry for love? Marrying for wealth and comfort or love but he’s broke
  10. Stay out of my uterus! Stop asking women when/why/why not they are having babies.

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

In recent years, America has seen an unmistakable rise in the power of Black women. That power CANNOT be our demise.


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About The Show

Even Superwoman Needs Therapy is about having real convo about how to not work so hard pretending to keep your shit together that you fall apart.

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